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Me    Daniel Bruce Home Page

    Hello and welcome, to Daniel Bruces' Home Page on the World Wide Web.

    One of my best friends is Jerry Wagers. Find out about his bands:
    Propeller / Trampoline

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Internet Resources:

Laporte on Computers: Hot List
News Page Home Page
Anonymous FTP Sites
CIA Home Page

Places you may find me surfing....

It's the Flu Season scan for viruses:

Computer Reference Material:

Security pointers:

  • Index of /pub/cert_advisories
  • DataSure Services CERT Advisory Page II
  • Security Tool
  • Unix Authentication Tools
  • Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
  • GenWeb Database Index
  • Security-related files
  • LINUX stuff:

    OS/2 stuff:

    VinDoze stuff:

    WWW stuff:

    PGP stuff:

    Hardware Support:

    Other stuff:

  • QuakeNet Internet Services
  • TCP/IP and NFS Information for MS-DOS
  • DoomGate
  • Mother Jones
  • Elvis Costello
  • hardwired
  • Lucy Lipps
  • 50 Greatest Conspiracies / Jacques Vallee Part 2
  • Anomalous Images and UFO Files
  • Other Valuable/Interesting WWW Links
  • Foreign Relations
  • Netscape home 
  • Index of /pub/security

    I am currently trying to set up a list of pointers to security-related resources on the net. I have been using Archie and Veronica, but the list is by no means complete. If you know of any valuable resources (WWW/Gopher/FTP etc.) that are not yet present in this list, please let me know...
    I have found the following:  Security page