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These are my favorite-best threads - Enjoy:

9/11 Memorandum Commission Select Committees 2004 - Israeli Surveillance

BAE Systems - bribes - Prince Bandar - 9/11 attacks  

Drug Money Laundering under Government Cover

Judge: Feds Can Access Americans Swiss Accounts

Madoff Scheme used "Dirty" Drug Cartel / Mafia Money - Investigator

NATO in-fighting on wheather to suspend opium trade in Afghanistan

Don't Forget Yugoslavia! Bush AND Clinton need to be tried for warcrimes!

Obama and his bad_ss Bilderberg Crew

Kurt Cobain revelations: CIA mind control

China Spying

DEA to oversee Afghan Opium Trade

Hillary - China - Tibet

Jim Cramer Uses CNBC to Manipulate Stocks

Tavistock - Systems Psychodynamics - mass brain-washing techniques

The Bribery Gap - payoffs offshore accounts

Laurel Canyon - David McGowan - Birth of the Hippie Generation - Abstract

The Sampson Option - Israel's Nukes

Third Industrial Revolution that never happened - G. Harry Stine

The Disappearing Male

Vaccines - Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal?

Co-Creator of the Pill Laments Resulting Demographic "Horror Scenario" 

Vitamin C - Linus Pauling was right all along. A doctor's opinion

Webster G. Tarpley Debunks Pearl Harbor Myths (And British Spy Ring EXPOSED)

What's CIA director Hayden hidin'? By Ray McGovern  

Why Does the World Feel Wrong? Because Psychopaths Are In Control  


CIA Rendition Plane Caught with 4 Tons of Coke

Cyromazine Pesticide breaks down into Melamine - allowed by EPA

E-SYSTEMS was involved in the 9/11 attacks  

Evidence points to breakdown in US / UK Relations  

Former US diplomat exposes how US actually helped communist China instead of KMT  

George HW Bush is most certainly Prescott's son

genocide against the Serbs

Hitler-was-a-British-Agent - Greg Hallett - Tavistock Connection

Injecting killed babies into children in vaccines

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A few more:

Who Brought The Slaves To America

Jonestown 1978 900 murdered - Jim Jones

Mustafa Setmarian Nasar - al-Qaeda Leader - Madrid Spain train bombings

Bush family land purchase in Paraguay

Harry Mason Reid - Mormon - Mason? - False Left-right?

Who is Barak Obama (Timeline info)

First Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball To Be Held For Obama

Green Czar - Van Jones - Obama Green Shirts?

The Beatles Masonic album title

missed these:

Another Bush uncovered associated with another scandal (Lehman bankruptcy)

Whats happened to george bush? 

Global GDP to plummet 4.3 percent - 2009 - unemployment climbs -says EOCD 

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Oh there's more:

Foreign Hemophiliac Lawsuits Proceed in U.S. Against - Cutter / Bayer   

Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to Three Countries   

Heparin Contamination May Have Been Deliberate, FDA Says   

LLoyds Bank caught red-handed Money Laundering   

Bobby Fisher - Died last year - Jan 18 2008   

Army Major jailed in bribes case - payoffs offshore accounts Cockerham   

Brain Stem Manipulation, Mind Control and Disease (MS, Parkinson, Alzheimer's)   

Chaos in the Wings - The need for scientifically engineered social control

Vaccine Schedule 1983 vs. 2008

The Herectical 2: Race-hate pair flee to US for political asylum 

We ascended/descended from cannibals 


CDC created this hybrid flu years ago--CDC/Baxter/Schering-Plough/Merck

Democide - Death by Gun Control

Wheat experts warn of worldwide disease threat

Romania's HPV Vaccine Program

Cold Fusion -- 18 Years and Heating Up  

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AP CEO and New York Times Editor Deny Bilderberg Group Meetings   - 11/08/2008 5 P.M. PST


Bernanke wrote the books on Inflation and Depression

Norman Hsu - Bundler - update - Hillary China - news blackout?

Cyromazine Pesticide breaks down into Melamine - allowed by EPA

SEC approves ICE credit-default swap clearing plan

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Bilderberg 2009 Attendee List   


ClimateGate - They want you to live like a slave

A Secret Government! - By Sibel Edmonds

Bilderberger's in the Kennedy Administration

A must read thread:
In 1969, Rockefeller Official Said US Would Be De-industrialized 

Mao was a Yale Man - A Yali for Skull and Bones

This has got some good historical information now:
The Sequoia Seminars - 1954 - LSD Therapy - History

I missed this one:
Global Eugenics Pandemic Timeline

This is a must read on oil in the U.S.:

So much for Peak Oil: Massive Oil Deposit Found In North Dakota?
- Leigh Price report 400 Billion bll estimate for Bakken Oil
- Gas Hydrates - North Slope Alaska - 32000TCF/24TCF = 1000+ years of Nat gas for who?

1000's of years of Natural Gas and Gas Hydrates

Natural Gas Hydrates - resource potential exceeds all other forms

So important - connects Carlucci - United Defence sale to BAE plus the M.I.C. financial connections
Board Directors Business Connections - Carlyle Group

Important information about Bio-Labs:
SwRI - SFBR - Tom Slick - The Other Battelle - Only Private BSL-4  

This seems important as well:

Battelle as leading sub-contractor - International in scope - BioBank Genetic mapping
National Childrens Study - 100,000 pregnant women needed for 21 years

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Engineered H1N1 reflections:

CDC created this hybrid flu years ago--CDC/Baxter/Schering-Plough/Merck

Personal recollections of the 1957 H2N2 flu pandemic --by JTCoyoté

Remnants of the Cold War - your health:
Carbon-14 "bomb effect" - The Baby boom - Cancer risks and you  

Wealth history from 1920 is downloadable now:

Wealth Disparities in U.S. Approaching 1920's Levels

Also related : Siemens Hit With $1.6 Billion Fine In Bribery Case 

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Blazej Kot trial in March:Blazej Kot - Caroline Coffey - Cornell Cyber Expert Husband slashes throat of Biomedical wife - burns house

Jailed for life:Aafia Siddiqui - WTC93 - 9/11 - strange case comes to closure?

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more financial threads:

Andrew Dickson White - Fiat Inflation in France - 1896 - Skull&Bones 

What is so important about this book is the fact it was used as the research paper to the bankers for the Federal Reserve System

DynCorp owners - Veritas Capital Fund buys Kroll Government Services 

Kroll with it's global / 9-11 / Mossad connections

***Derivatives as a method of counterfeiting and destruction of the currency 

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Climategate series:
ClimateGate - The more oxygen, the cooler the climate  

ClimateGate - They want you to live like a slave

Attn: MSM distraction whores: "Hide the decline" is just the tip of the iceburg    (Royal Dutch Shell connection documented here)

CO2 is .04 percent of the atmosphere

see also:
Hysteria Over C02: nothing to do with global warming discovers meteorologist 

BP, Enron, Al Gore and the Carbon Tax Plan "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" 

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must read - Longevity boom to turn into the population collapse - what they've known for twenty years now. There is no population explosion. Globalization equals population control.

Mass media are producing a “world culture” in which individual autonomy and self-actualization have a very prominent, if not dominant place, and that these provide both motivations and justifications for the onset of the SDT.

Brainwashed - SDT - The Second Demographic Transition - One in five childbearing women childless (double from 1 in 10)

Famine as a weapon related to Wheat experts warn of worldwide disease threat:
US Gov't Completely Out of Wheat? No Emergency Reserves Either

Strobe Tallbot - Skull and Bones Globalization Expert- ClimateGate Attack Strategy

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An interesting comparison of a time in the past to the present.... factual history
Comparing the NWO to the Norman Conquest

China to expand use of lethal injections for death sentences - 2008 - 2011

Most thread's are not mine (in origin), but I've learned so much from them not to pass them on:
A must read thread ....
Anti_Illuminati for dummies. The ultimate study guide for the layman.

I missed some Battelle threads:

see: Battelle Labs--Aerosol Virus Delivery System, 9/11, Anthrax, Chemtrails, Nanotech, Carbon Tax, Project Blue Beam

Battelle Selected by DHS to Manage New Center for Biological Terrorism Research. - Battelle History

Battelle - Synthetic Biology

Battelle Investing $200m in biomedical R&D in Ohio - Jan 2009

Battelle - PNNL - L3 - active millimeter wave technology - MMW - scanners

Merlin International - Batelle - BioDefense TIA
Merlin Secures Contract with Battelle National Biodefense Institute to Support National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center

The Battelle National Biodefense Institute manages and operates the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC), based in Maryland,

Chi Psi Fraternity founder Philip Spencer - S&B and The Pirates Own Book

Bioweapons Research: "YARU" The Rockefeller- funded Yale Facility  

Did I miss this too?
Also a MUST READ - a review of modern vaccine manufacturing practice and resulting product:

Vaccine overview: Basic information on M59 Squalene Vaccine Adjuvant  

Gas Hydrates:
1000's of years of Natural Gas and Gas Hydrates

Natural Gas Hydrates - resource potential exceeds all other forms

China Energy:

26 new nuclear reactor projects in China - Tyco/ MIC

PetroChina oil-for-loans agreement signed with Russia for $20/Bl

China Rare Earth Monopoly - Dines’ Rare Earth Revolution rolls on

42-50 million Americans Can't Read - Afford Health Insurance - and are Poor

Retirement on Hold: American Workers $6 Trillion Short 

RIP NYSE? - German Merge With Nyse, Toronto Exchange Merge With London

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26 new nuclear reactor projects in China - Tyco/ MIC

China Rare Earth Monopoly - Dines’ Rare Earth Revolution rolls on

RIP NYSE? - German Merge With Nyse, Toronto Exchange Merge With London

China/Russia Oil: PetroChina oil-for-loans agreement signed with Russia for $20/Bl