Duplin County, NC - Revolutionary War Military Services, Surnames J-R

KORNEGAY, William, Private, NC Militia Soldier drew one RW pay voucher. Soldier was born about 1738 to George Kornegay and Mary Fisher, George died in Craven Co. in 1773. Soldier lived in Duplin in 1790 with two older sons, three younger sons, and two females with wife #2 1773 Elizabeth Outlaw. Wife #1) Issue: 1- William 1762, 2-David 1764, 3-Isaac 1766, 4-George Fisher Kornegay 1768, 5-Joseph 1769, Wife #2 issue: 6- Zilpha 1774 who married Edward Outlaw, 7-Elizabeth 1776, 8-Daniel 1778, 9-Nancy Kornegay 1780, and 10- Abram 1783. Soldier died 22 June 1812 at Kornegay’s Bridge in Duplin. This soldier is DAR approved.

OUTLAW, Benjamin, Private, SC Militia Soldier was born in Duplin c1754 to George Outlaw and moved to Chesterfield SC before the war. Benjamin was living in Chesterfield Co. SC next to Bentley in 1820. Issue may have been Silas Outlaw living next to him in 1820. Soldier died in SC after 1830.

OUTLAW, Bentley, Private, SC Militia Soldier was born in Duplin in 1757 to George Outlaw and moved to Chesterfield SC before the war. Soldier’s pension claims birth in SC, however his father George moved to GA about 1770 and sold 600 acres of land in Duplin in 1778. Soldier married Martha and lived to be about 101 years old. His children are: 1-John 1790, 2-Nancy 1793, 3-Elizabeth Clanton 1795, 4-Benjamin and 5-Lydia, twins born in 1806, 6-James 1810, and Syntha Johnson 1813. Soldier was in Houston Co. GA in 1826.

OUTLAW, James, Sergeant to Lieutenant, NC Militia Member of Safety Committee, 2nd Continental Line. Soldier was born in 1744 in New Hanover County - the part that later became Duplin County-to Edward Outlaw (1712-22 Mar 1759) and Patience Whitfield. In 1776, James Outlaw joined his brother, Capt. Alexander Outlaw's Militia Troop, and served as a sergeant in the campaign that defeated the Tories at Moore's Creek Bridge. For his 20 days of service he was paid four pounds.

In 1781 he enlisted in the 2nd NC Continental Line in Capt. Clement Hall's Company for a 12-month tour. He was given a written discharge in May 1782. His discharge stated that "he had behaved himself as a brave and faithful soldier and is hereby discharged from the Battalion." The discharge was given in camp near Bacon's Bridge, S.C. on 29 May 1782. After the War, James served as a Captain in the Duplin Militia until 1788.

James Outlaw furnished the NC Militia many supplies during the war for which he was given certificates. These he presented to Thomas Rutledge to have audited and repayment made. Somehow these records were lost. James Outlaw asked for duplicate certificates about 10 Nov 1786. The House and Senate referred his request to committee. On 13 Dec 1796, the committee reported that it would be highly improper to make any partial allowance for said supplies.

Married in 1770 to Elizabeth Grady (9 Feb 1750-3 Sept 1830) Their children were: 1-John 'Jack' (1776-1836) who married Charity Grady (1780-1819). 2-Mary who married Jacob Williams. 3-Patience who married Timothy Grady. 3-Edward married Zilpha Kornegay. 4-Alexander born Dec. 18, 1780 and married Sarah Grady. He died in 1861. 5-William. 6-Lewis who married 19 Apr 1812 to Eliza Whitfield. 6-Elizabeth (1775-1815) who married Henry Grady (son of Alexander). 7-Nancy born June 11, 1790 and married William Whitfield. She died in 1828. And 8-Charity born Feb. 20, 1783 and married Alexander Grady. She died July 23, 1830. In the special 1786 census for Duplin County he was listed as a free white male head of house of 21 years or older with 5 white males under 21 years, 5 white females of all ages and 6 slaves. Soldier died 22 April 1826.

OUTLAW, John, Private, GA Militia Soldier was born in Duplin to George Outlaw and moved to Burke Co. GA before the war.

OUTLAW, Lewis, Private, NC Militia Soldier was killed in Duplin by Tories. He was also buried in Duplin. He had no close kin in Duplin in spite of the other Outlaws there. He had no heirs or family in Duplin. Soldier was likely killed in early August of 1781 when British Major Craig and Tory gangs from Wilmington passed through Duplin. This soldier was most likely a grandson of George Outlaw whose family had lived in Duplin and later moved on to Chesterfield SC and Burke Co. GA. If this be the case, Lodwick Outlaw was likely his father.

OUTLAW, Lodwick, Private, GA Militia Soldier was born in Duplin about 1742 to George Outlaw and moved to Burke Co. GA. He was in Duplin until about 1769. Soldier died during the war after the Battle of Augusta GA in 1777. Soldier’s wife was Mary___ and at least one son is identified as James.