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London - John Outlawe -

Records of Outlaw Families of Greater London Area and Nearby Counties


29 October 1604.  Weddings- John Outlawe and Mary Bryce.  St. Giles, Cripplegate Composite Register, 1561-1606/7, P69/GIS/A/002/MS06419, Item 001, London Metropolitan Archives.


24 March 1624. John Outlaw, son of Robert Outlaw and Susan Outlaw christened on 24 March 1624, Ashwell, Hertfordshire.  Ashwell, Hertfortshire, England, 1620-1680, Film # 569701


1639/1640.  John Outlaw, Shipwright. Will proved 1639/1640.  Deptford, Kent. R22.352, p.30. Rochester Consistory Court (DRb), West Kent Wills, Kent History and Library Centre.  [Deptford in Lewisham—royal docklands located on south bank of Thames]


1 Feb 1651.  John, son of Abell Outlaw of Lymehouse, Joyner(?) and Phillis. Married.  St. Dunstan and All Saints, Register of Baptisms, Feb 1637/8-Mar 1656/7, P93.DUN, Item 257, London Metropolitan Archives.


25 Jul 1652.  John Outlaw and Frances Rynes, All Hallows, London Wall. Source: All Hallows London Wall, Composite Register, 1538-1872, London Metropolitan Archives.


10 Aug 1656. Sarah, daughter of John Outlaw and wife Dorothy, St. Brides, Fleet Street, London.  Source: St. Bride’s Fleet Street, Composite Register …. P69/BRi/A/005/MS06540, Item 001.  London Metropolitan Archives..


25 May 1658.  Ralph Outlaw of the Parish of Stepney[?], Shipwright, and Elizabeth Roche of the parish of ---------.  St. Mary’s, Whitechapel , Tower Hamlets [borough], Middlesex.  Source: St. Mary’s, Whitechapel, Marriages, Oct 1653-Mar 1666, P93/MRY1, Item 003, London Metropolitan Archives.

Marriage   *

14 Nov 1658. John Outlawe of Limehouse, Ship carpenter, age 25 years old [born ca. 1634] and Elizabeth Baker of Ratcliff, widow, age 22 yr old [born ca. 1637].  St. Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Tower Hamlets [borough]. Middlesex.  Source:  Saint Dunstan and All Saints, Register of Marriages, Aug 1656/7-Oct 1659, P93/DUN/Item 268, London Metropolitan Archives.


21 Jan 1660.  Peter, son of John Outlaw and wife Dorothie. St. Brides, Fleet Street, London. Source: St. Bride’s Fleet Street Composite Register … P69/BR1/A/005/MS06540, Item 001.  London Metropolitan Archives.


Christening   *

28 Mar 1661,  John, son of John Outlawe of Lymehouse, Shipwright, and Elizabeth [Elizabeth Baker], St. Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Tower Hamlets [borough], Middlesex.  Source: Saint Dunstan and All Saints, Register of Baptisms, Mar 1656/7-Mar 1682, P93/DUN, Item 258, London Metropolitan Archives.


1675. John Outlaw, carpenter, St. Peter, Colchester, Essex.  From: Marriages at Curry Rivel, 1624-1812, Essex, 465 BR9.


Marriage  *

24 Feb 1683. John Outlaw and Mary Seale [listed in Canadian biographies of Capt. John Outlaw]  Source: Middlesex: St. Katherine by the Tower, Register of Baptisms and Marriages, 1680-1696, Guildhall: SKT/C/01/MS 9661, London Metropolitan Archives. [Nov.1683: Deposition of John Outlaw.]


Tax Records

1692. Widow Outlaw. Farrington Without, City of London. Source: London Land Tax Records, London, London Metropolitan Archives.

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Note1:  The personal family names of Ralph and John, which are repeated in Virginia and North Carolina, suggests that Ralph and John Outlawe, shipwrights, were related and very possibly brothers. 

Note 2: Records indicate there were several John Outlaws in the ship building area of Greater London.  I plan to obtain the will of John Outlaw, shipwright of Deptford, in the hope of identifying his family members.  Could John Outlaw, who died about 1639-40, be a relative, possibly the father or an uncle of Captain John and younger brother Edward, perhaps Ralph Outlaw?

Note 3:  Captain John Outlaw was apparently born about 1634 based on the marriage record of John Outlawe and the widow Elizabeth Baker.  They had a son named John.

Note 4: Marriage of John Outlaw and Mary Seale, which is noted in some Canadian biographies of Capt. John Outlaw/Jean Outelas

Note: 5;  So far the record of baptism or christening of Edward Outlaw has not been identified.  If Captain John Outlaw was about 34 when the “affray” with Constable Dafnell took place and he was also fined in tobacco, could Edward have been older than previously proposed?


* Indicates most likely record of Captain John Outlaw family member.