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Men in Grey from Kershaw and Lancaster Counties of South Carolina

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DeKalb Rifle Guards

Company J., Gregg's Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers

This company was the first to entrain April 24, 1861, at Camden, South Carolina for the front of Virginia, Co. E. During the battle of Manassas this company guarded the camps and was not engaged.

Captain Thomas L. Boykin, 1st Lieut. James M. Davis, 2nd Lieut. William Clyburn, 3rd Lieut.Thomas W. Bracey, 1st Sergt. Eli W. Parker
2nd Sergt. Chas. J. McDowall, 3rd Sergt. Duncan Whitaker, 4th Sergt. U. P. Bonney, 5th Sergt. Joshua Josey, 1st Corp. W. J. Hatfield, 2rd Corp. Anderson Stuckey, 3rd Corp. M. G. Huckabee
4th Corp. J. L. Gettys, 5th Corp. A. Kelley
6th Corp. Henry Davis


Bass, Eli, Bass, James, Brannon, David,Brannon, John, Cameron, W. J.,Campbell, Chas., Coates, Samuel, Copeland, L. P., Croft, Robert, Davis, J. A., Davis, S. T., Dunlap, L. D., Dunlap, W.D.Erving, John, Estridge, James, Gardner, J. C.
Gardner, J. W., Goff, John,Goff, Wm.,Griffin, Stephen, Hays, James, Hays, Joseph, Hall, J. Melvin, Harrell, James, Hatfield, S. B., Hinson, Francis, Hinson, Isom, Holland, John, Huggins, C. R. E., Jackson, Douglas, Jackson, J., Jeffes, Osborn, Kelley, J. F., Kemp, Warren, Kirby, T., Kirby, T. W., Marshall, John C., Mathis, Wesley, Mattox, J., Meyers, L. E., McCaskill, C. W., Outlaw, J. E., Parker, John, Parker, Mason D., Rush, J. J., Richbourg, J. J., Self, Shiver, John, Shiver, Joseph, Smith, G. W., Smith, J. J., Spradley, W.J., Tiller, H. D., Truesdale, J. T., Turner, J. F., Watts, Columbus, Watts, Francis, Wilson, John, Yates, Samuel.

After the battle of First Manassas, this company disbanded and its members joined other commands.

Camden Volunteers

Company E., 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers.

Capt. Jno. D. Kennedy, pro. Col., Brig. Genl. wounded 7 times, Capt. Wm. Z. Liitner, wounded- Gettysburg, lost leg, pro. Major., Lieut. Jos. D. Dunlap, wounded-Chickamauga, Lieut. Alfred E. Doby, pro. Aid to Kershaw, killed-Spottsylvania, Lieut. E. E. Sill, wounded twice, pro. Adj., Lieut. Jos. J. Drakeford, retired 1884, disability, Lieut. Wm. L. DePass, wounded 1st Mamas., Captain Co. G., Pal. Bat. Art., Lieut. John J. McKain, mort. wounded, Warwick River, Lieut. James M. Riddle, wounded-Chichamaga, Sergt. Ed. E. Niles, Qmaster, died at Camden, 1862, Sergt. Wm. C. Dutton, killed-Shpsbg, Sergt. Richard H. Peques, detailed Tel. Service, Sergt. Reuben L. Gerald, killed-Chickamauga, Sergt. Hiram Nettles, wounded-Shpsbg, Deep Bottom, Sergt. Henry F. Hodgson, wounded Morris Island, lost arm, Sergt. Henry G. McKagen, mort.wounded-Fredsbg., Sergt. Robt. F. Small, mort. wounded-Gettysburg, Sergt. Arlo Niles, transf. to Cavalry, Corpl. Jas. P. Boswell, transf. to Co. G. Pal.Bat., Art., Corpl. John A. Perry, dischd. ill heath, Corpl. Benj. Honnet, dischd., ill heath, Corpl. Frank G. Devine, killed-Chickamauga, Corpl. E. T. Gardner, wounded-Gettysburg, killed-Spottsylvania, Corpl. J. W. Polk, killed-Gettysburg,


W. J. Allen, W. Riley Allen, wounded, killed, Thos. J. Anerum, Sr., dischd., Benj. Arrants, killed, James H. Arrants, cas., Jas. R. Arrants, wounded, Jos. H. Arrants, killed, Robt. B. Arrants, wounded, killed, Wm. T. Arrants, B. M. Baer, dischd., Malcolm L. Baker, killed, T. Banks, cas., J. Burgess Barnes, deserted, Samuel Y. Barnes, H. A. Barnes, cas., Edward Barrett, killed 1st Manas., Marcus Baum, pro. Ker. staff, killed, Eli Bass, cas., John R. Beaver, deserted, Anderson Bowen, dischd., 1862, William Bowen, died at Rchmd., James F. Boykin, dischg., ill, Jas. F. Brasington, cas, John F. Brasington, wounded, J. J. Browne, cas., James R. Brown, wounded, John S. Brown, died in VA., Wm. L. Buchanan, Ed. C. Burchfield, wounded, trf., Alexr. Campbell, died in VA., G. W. Caston, cas., Reuben Coker, wounded, James Cook, died in VA., John Cook, Joseph Cook, died in VA., Mathew Cook, died in VA., John C. Cooper, killed-Shpsbg., J. D. Cooper, killed-Shpsbg., J. Craft, wounded, killed-Ptrbg., R. Craft, cas., T. M. Crump, dischd., J. S. Cunningham, pr. Sergt., Patrict Cusick, H. L. David, cas., John T. Davis, trf.1861, W. B. Dawkins, cas., Benj. DeBruhl, dischd., ill heath, Jas. R. DeLoach, dischd., joined Cav., Chas. J. Dunlap, Med. Dept., James A Durant, died in VA., Benj. Z. Dutton, B. B. Easton, cas., E. Elkins, died at Rchmd., Geo. Evans, killed Mal. H., D. A. Evans, died in hosp., A. Ford, John H. Francis, wounded 1st Manas., James Freeman, cut foot, Mathew Freeman, wounded, Geo. F. Fullerton, died in VA., Tim B. Gardner, mort. wounded, L. C. Gerald, cas., H. B. Gibson, wounded, lost leg, E. Goens, D. Graham, wounded, John T. Graham, John Graham, cas., John Groom, cas., Jas. L. Haile, trf. Kirk. Ran., Benny Harrison, B. D. Heath, wounded, John E. Hinson, wounded, M. Howell, cas., J. Jackson, cas., E. W. Jinks, died in VA., W. E. Johnson, trf. Kirk ran., J. W. Jones, B. E. Kelley, died in VA., D. H. Kelley, wounded, Geo. King, died on VA., R. R. Kirkland, trf. Co. G., Robt. Kirkley, prison-Ft. Del., J. H. Lawrence, wounded, L. LeGrand, cas., James LeGrand, wounded, Benj. F. Leitner, mort. wounded, M. L. Lemmond, wounded, Lawrence W. Love, killed, Wm. Love, killed, Tom Mattox, died in VA., L. C. Marsh, died in hosp., W. Martin, cas., J. P. Mickle, dischd., David J. Middleton, died in hosp., Levi Moore, died in Va., M. W. Morrison, dischd. in 1862, Levi Moseley, cas., Alexr. Munroe, wounded. Munroe, Geo., fat. wd., Munroe, James, d. in hosp., Munroe, John, wd., Murchison, Alex. A., d. in hosp., McCain, S.H., cas., McCown, John, McDaniel, J. B., d. in VA, McIntkosh, T. R., dischd."62", McKain, Wm.,, disch. '"62", McKagen, J. W. P., dischd. "62", McRae, Duncan, wd., McMillan, Joel A., deserted, Nelson, Geo., d. in hosp., Nettles, Jesse, kd. 1st Man., Nettles, Joseph E., wd, lost leg, Nettles, Wm.A., pro.Corpl., Onsted, T.M. cas., Outlaw, R., cas., Parker, A., cas., Parker, G., cas.,Peeples, L.W., cas., Pegues, Claudius J., Perry, J.A., dischd., Phillips, R., wd., Pickett, John R., Pope, Thos., wd., Pritchard, David, trf. Co. A., Proctor, Robt.W., wd., Robinson, R.A., cas., Scott, W.A., Smith, Geo., wd., lost leg, Smith, John, dischd, "62", Smyrl, James K., d. in VA, Stewart, W.M., cas., Stokes, Wesley, dischd. "62", Strawbridge, B.R., Team, John W., d. in VA, Tidwell, David W., wd., Truesdale, W.M. cas., Turner, Wm., d. in VA, Vaughn, Lewis, d. in VA, Warren, James O., d. in CA, Watkins, H. cas., Watts, Wm. W., Watts, D., cas., Watts, Dan'l, cas., Watts, L. cas., Watts, W. R., cas., Wells, David E. kd., Welsh, H.L., Wethersbee, J. Alford, Wethersbee, Thos.C. d. in VA, Wilson, Toland R., dischd."62", Wilson, J.S., dischd. "62", Witherspoon, Jas. M., kd., Wood, J.M., tran. to Cav., Wood, John J., Wood, Pinckney E., Wright, W.H., d. in VA.


This company roll contains many names of those who served not more than 30 days, casuals marked "cas".
Sergt. Hiram Nettles still in 1926 surviving at age 89, was of great assistance in revising this roll. He served throughout the war, was twice seriously wounded, and knew nearly every man in the company. He witnessed the act of Richard Kirkland in crossing the wall at Fredericksburg. While Capt. Leitner lay wounded on the field of Gettysburg, where he lost his leg above the knee, his friend Thomas W. Salmond, Surgeon of the Regiment went to him under the heaviest fire and took him to the camp hospital on his horse.

Flat Rock Guards
Company G, 2nd South Carolina Volunteers

Capt. Haile, Columbus Cureton, Capt. Cunningham, Jos. P., killed Gettysburg, Capt. Truesdel, Jesse E., wd. Gettysburg, srrd Grsboro, Lieut. Clyburn, Thos.J., d. of disease-Fairfax, Lieut. Cantey, Thos. R., tr to Co F, 7th Bat., Lieut. Patterson, Wm. W., wd. Sharpsburg, srrd Grsboro, Lieut. Jones, Wm. J., resigned, ill health, Lieut.. Benton, Sam'l J., wd. Gettysburg, Fishers Hill, pro. Capt. Co. K., Br.Gds., Sergt. Kirkland, Richland Rowland, killed Chickamauga, Murchison, Julius J., wd. Wilderness, Sergt. Cauthen, James T., tr to Co. G. Pal.Bat.Art., Sergt. Cauthen, Andrew J., d. of disease at home, Sergt. Jones, Burwell N., wd. 1st Man., tr to Cal., Sergt. McDowell, J.E. C., wd. serveral times, srrd Grbro., Sergt. Sowell, John A., wd. Gettysburg, srrd. Grbro., Sergt. Patterson, Reuben B., wd. 1st. Man., Gettysburg, srrd Grbro., Sergt. West, Sam'l, wd. Cold Harbor, srrd. Grbro., Sergt., West, Thos. G., wd. Gettysburg, srrd. Grbro, Sergt., Dixon, Sam'l L. served through war, srrd Grbro., Corpl.West, Wm. S., died disease-Bull Run, Corpl. Coats, Sam'l W., d. of dis. Bull Run, Corpl. Williams, Richard H., wd. 1st Man., tr. to 4th Regt.


Alexander, J.H.R., Baskin, C. Edward, d. of disease, Baskin, John C. Sr., Baskin, John C. Jr., kd., Baskin, Tobt. C. tr to Cav., Bird, W.L. d. of wd., Blackmon, W.M., wd 2 t. srd., Blackwell, John A., d. in VA, Boone, James M. wd., Boone, Wm., wd 2 t.,Bowers, Geo. M. kd., Bruce, Jas. H., d. in VA, Catoe, A.D., d. in hosp., Chaney, B., dischd., Coats, Gabriel H., seed., Coats, Henry J., d. in VA, Cook, T., wd., srrd., Copeland, W.M., Cav., Crawford, Sam'l H., Davis, Dyson, wd. srdd., Davis, H.G., Deas, Henry, Dixon, Bailey S., d. in VA, Dixon, G.L., dischd. (Co. D. 7th B.), Downs, And. J. srrd., Dunn, W.J., wd. 3 t., d. in VA, Falkenberry, John, wd., Falkenberry, Wylie J., d. in Va, Falkenberry, Jos. W., kd., Fletcher, David G., kd., Fletcher, Wm., wd., Gardner, Robt. C., mort. wd. 1st Man., Gaskin, Dan'l miss. Winchtr., Gaskin, John, kd., Gaskin, J.B., dischd.1862, Graham, Jackson, d. in VA, Gray, Wm., srrd., Haile, G.W., Miss. Wnchtr., Hall, John B., wd.,captd., Holley, Joel, kd.Bean Sta., Honey, Elias, Honey, Stephen D., d. in VA, Hough, Joel, wd, pris., exchd., Hough, Nath., pris., Hough, Wilson C., wd., srrd., Hunter, W.J.., srrd., Johnson, Arch. A., dischd.,Johnson, W.M., tr. to Cav., Johnson, Witty, kd., Jones, Sam. D., musician, kd. 1st Man., Kelley, Mansel P., tr. to Cav., Kirby, John,, wd., Kirkley, Dan'l M. wd., Knight, J.Allen, d. in VA., Knight, W.A., kd. in Knoxv., Love, McDuffie, kd. Mahaffey, Wm., wd., Marshall, J.S., dischd in 1862, Martin, John S. wd., Martin, Wm. H. srrd., Mason, L.R., wd., Mason, T.E., miss. Wnchstr., Moseley, Craddock, kd., Moseley, Frank, kd. Knoxv., McLure, John, captd. Gettysburg, Nelson, Thos. J. tr. to Cav., Parker, B., wd., lost leg, Peach, Wm., srrd., Perry, Thos. J. d. in service, Phillips, W.T., wd., Powell, W.T. kd. Chickamauga, Raley, Benj. wd., Ray, Duncan, dischd., Reeves, David R., dischd., Robertson, E.H., mort. wd., Roe, John, wd., capt., Sheorn, James, kd. Sav. Sta., Sheorn, Morris D., d. in VA, Stover, David G., kd. Sav. Sta., Suggs, d. in service, Sutton, E., Taylor, W.L., died in service, Trantham, W.D., dischd. youth, Truesdel, Burwell, kd., Truesdel, Jas. T., kd. Shpsbg., Truesdel, H., dischd., Truesdel, Wm. J., kd., Truesdel, Wm. M., wd. on R.R., West, Joseph A., tr. to Art., West, Wm. M., mort. wd., Whitehead, S., miss. in Tenn., Williams, C.D., mort. wd., Williams, John, wd., captd., Williams, John N., mort. wd., Wilkerson, J., miss. Wchstr., Young, Chas. P., srrd., Young, Geo. W., dischd., Young, Judson N., tr. to Cav., Young, Wm. J., kd. Malv. H.


This Company derived its name from its home headquarters at the Granite Hill known as " Flat Rock ". Capt. Haile once showed a pipe he framed from the clay of the "Crater" at Petersburg where he commanded a company of the 23rd Regiment, which was posted on the very edge of this great explosion. Sergt. Murchison cut and wore a pair of cuff buttons from a fragment of his own skull.


Kershaw Guards
Company D, 15th Regiment Infantry

Capt. Warren, Thos., kd. in Gettysburg, Capt. Burns, C. Benton, Lieut. Davis, James M., wd. Sharpsbg., Gettysburg, pro. Adjt., Lieut. Lyles, James V., resigned, ill health, Lieut. Dan'l C. Kirkley, wd. Chickamauga, lost leg, Lieut. Schrock, Joel A., resigned in 1863, Lieut. Crosby, George, wd. Gettysburg, Lieut. Fisher, Chas. A., wd. 2nd Man., mort. wd. Sharpsburg, Sergt. Somers, Adolph, drowned in Charleston Harbor, Sergt. Huckabee, Jos. J. wd. Gettysburg, Wilderness, Sergt. Davis, John J., Corpl. Springer, Rudolph, Corpl. Stewman, P. A. H., d. in camp, Corpl. Wolfe, Eugene, Corpl. Young, John W., wd. in Virginia,


Ammons, H., Ammons, W. W., Bradley, John, wd., Brannon, David, captd. Gettysburg, Brannon, John, kd. Val. VA, Brannon, Robert, d. in VA, Brannon, Wm.,Sr., wd., Brannon, Wm, Jr., wd., Brown, Wm., wd., kd. Spotsv., Capell, J. B., miss.B'boro, Capell, S. B., d. in hosp. Cola., Capell, W. H., wd., B'boro, Collier, Fred J., Corbett, H. F., d. hosp.Cola, Corbett, kd Gettysburg, Creighton, F. E., dischd. 1864, Creighton, H. L., Ervin, John, wd., Ervin, Sam'l, Falkenberry, John, Fletcher, David G., miss. B'boro, Ford, E. J., deserted, Fulghum, James, dischd, Gardner, James. L., wd., Gardner, Lewis, wd., Graham, Wm., dischd., Griffin, Stephen, wd. gettysburg, Hall, Russell, Jr., Harrall, James, d. in VA, Harrall, John, d. in Camden, Hays, Emanuel, Hays, Joseph, wd. Spttsv., Hays, James, deserted, Hinson, John, Sr., dischd., Hinson, John Jr., d. in Cola. 1862, Hornsby, Joseph, Hornsby, S. Wyatt, wd., kd. Wild., Hough, Hollis, dischd., Hunter, A. A., insane on march, Jackson, Douglas, Johnson, Benj.F., wd., Johnson, W. B., Jordan, D., mort. wd. Bnsbro, Jordan, W. H., d. in VA, Kelley, B. P., kd. in Val. VA. 1864, Kemp, Tira, d. hosp. 1861, Kemp, Warren, Kirby, Absolom, wd. 2 t., Kirby, J. W., wd., capt. Gettysburg, McCallum, Hugh, Chaplain, McGuire, Henry, McInnes, N.H., kd, McLeod, Norman, A.. mort. wd., Marsh, Gates, kd. near Rich., Marsh, James, dischd., Mattox, Geo.W., Mattox, James, wd., Mattox, Isaac S., left at Gettysburg, Mattox, Sam'l, dischd., Minton, Columbus, kd. Gettysburg, Minton, John B., kd. Gettysburg, Moneyham, John, wd., Morris, John, Munn, Angus J.(Corpl.) wd., Outlaw, John E., wd., Parker, Benj. B., d. in camp, Parker, Redding, d. in VA, Parker, Wm. E., drummer, Ray, James, 1862, Richbourg, John J., d. 1862, Scott, Hasting, wd., Scott, Manning, wd, Shaylor, C.H., wd., Shaylor, T.S., left sick on march, Shedd, J.P., wd., kd. Spttsv., Shiver, Joseph, d. in VA 1863, Smithj, Jesse W., dischd., Spradley, W. James, wd. miss. Shpsbg., Turneer, John F., capt.. Knville,

to be continued............................