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My Tahoe Garden

2008 Garden (follow link)

2009 Garden (follow link)


Note to self: No photos of  Native fern, Bee Balm, Wintergreen, Oregano, Sage, Lupines, Lavender,  Cinquefoil, Echinacea, German Chamomile, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Mule Ears


How to Harvest and Store Sage  How to Harvest and Store Thyme  How to harvest Chives  How to grow and use spearmint

Bee Balm Herb Uses, Description and Pictures   How to Harvest and Store Lavender   How to Harvest Lemon Balm

The German Chamomile planting did not come back (it is growing wild in the back)  
Need photo of Sage, Lupines, Cinquefoils, Echinacea, wood rose

Can you see the Swallow Tail?

Front yard Bouquet 

Chives Columbine

Spearmint  Lemon Balm / Oregano / spearmint

Bee Balm  Thyme

Lavender (Vera) Lavender (Vera)

Common Native Tahoe Fern


Bee Balm

Bee Plant - Native Red Cinquefoil in background

Back yard - Shasta Daisy's


Unknown Plant !

PineDrops !