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This list was compiled by David Walter Fortin (

Primary Sources:

"The Bruce", by Archibald A. H. Douglas (1375), trans into modern English poetry by John Barbour. William MacLellan and Co., Glasgow, 1964.

"The Annals of Clonmacnoise" (1408), trans. by Conell Mageoghan (1627) and ed. by Denis Murphy (1896). Facsimile reprint by Llanerch Publishers, 1993.

"The Remonstrance of the Irish Princes to Pope John XXII, 1317" from "Irish Historical Documents, 1172-1922" ed by E. Curtis and R. B. McDowell. Methuen and Co., London, 1943.

Secondary Sources:

"The Bruces in Ireland, 1315-18" by Robin Frame. IHS vol xix No. 73 (1974).

"The Bruce Invasion of Ireland" by J. F. Lydon. Historical Studies IV (1963).

"The Scottish Soldier in Medieval Ireland: The Bruce Invasion and the Gallowglass" by J. F. Lydon.

"The Scottish Soldier Abroad, 1247-1967", ed. by Grant G. Simpson. Pub: John Donald Publishers, Edinburgh (1992).

"Robert the Bruce" by G. W. S. Barrow. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1988.

"A History of Medieval Ireland" by A. J. Otway-Ruthven. London: Ernest Benn LTD, (1968).

"The Mission of John de Hothum to Ireland, 1315-1316" by J. R. S. Phillips.

"England and Ireland in the Later Middle Ages", ed by James Lydon. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1981.